Why Destin, Florida Is an Incredible Spot to Have a Destination Wedding

Destin, Florida is a favored vacation spot for visitors who travel from throughout the world to treat themselves to a Destin, Florida get-away.

The beaches are delicate, fine, clean, and pure white, and the sand is made up of exceptional quartz crystals which permit the water to have the sparkly shades of blue and green that give the Emerald coast its name.

Loads of celebrities, such as, Sheryl Crow, Mike Huckabee, Jerry Jones, Emeril Lagasse, and Britney Spears either have homes in the greater Destin area or visit frequently.

The same reasons that make Destin attractive to vacationers help explain why Destin is an ideal choice for a beach wedding.

Destin is in Northwest Florida on the Gulf coast of the Florida Panhandle, and is only a half day drive or one hour flight from Atlanta.

Destin offers guests world class beaches and is loaded with incredible spots to stay, eat, shop, play, work on your tan, and revel in life.

For couples considering having a beach wedding in Destin, there are some great reasons for having a beach wedding that you should think about early in the planning process.

We’ll talk about a couple of them here. With a little bit of good planning, when you finally make the decision to come to Destin for your wedding, you’ll be able to go through all the necessary arrangements easily and without anxiety.

Reasons it’s a great idea to have your beach wedding in Destin:

1. Destin, Florida is a world class vacation destination.

Destin has some of the loveliest shorelines in the USA. Our coastal beauty is second to none, and there is a lot to do (angling, golf, beach fun, boating, science and amusement parks) for all the friends and family members who will want to stay a while and enjoy Destin either before or after the wedding.

2. You can often save money by having your wedding ceremony on the beach in Destin.

Unless you are booking with a ritzy beachfront wedding venue, you can usually have your wedding on the beach free of charge, or almost so. In most cases you won’t need a permit, just a regular marriage license which is easily obtained at the county level and does not require a blood test.

There are numerous state parks in or close to Destin that have buildings and pavillions you can use for a ceremony or reception. These can usually be had for a very low fee.

3. It’s easy to get to and from Destin.

Transportation to and from Destin is easy to arrange. Destin visitors can choose from 4 airports with competitive airfares.

Since Destin is right here in the USA, none of your visitors will have to stress over travel permits, visas, foreign languages, or costly worldwide flights. Also the annoyance of coming back to the USA through customs is completely avoided.

4. Great options for lodging at every budget and taste.

One of the most ideal approaches to securing lodging in Destin for your group is to lease a vacation house or condo. Vacation Rentals are exceptionally well known and come in all sizes and budgets in Destin.

You can lease a privately owned home for a week to house your marriage party, or your entire family, in style and luxury. These homes frequently come with a private pool and cost less per person than staying at a hotel or inn. They also come with more options for cooking meals in house, etc.

Wedding couples typically rent one or two houses that can fit everybody, which becomes substantially more fun and memorable for all. Some Destin vacation rentals are large enough that you can have your rehearsal dinner or even a casual reception right at the house and avoid the cost of leasing a venue completely.

There are also plenty of great restaurants and reception sites that can host your wedding if you want something more formal. You can also take advantage of some of the wedding packages they provide and eliminate the stress of planning the entire wedding on your own

Thank you for reading this condensed article about weddings in Destin.

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